Military Davits

Slewing Range Davits


The SARBE 22 B slewing davit is an all electric system designed to eliminate hydraulics on deck and is suited for both combatant and non combatant applications. The davit is completely self contained and complies with SOLAS with complete manual back up and has a safe working load of up to 4,000kg.

When equipped with Welin Lambie’s electronic falls tension system the SARBE 22 B is well suited for high duty applications and operation in adverse and demanding sea state conditions.

In use with both the US Navy and the UK Royal Navy the SARBE 22 B type davit supports Force Protection / Anti Terrorist Operation, Board / Seizure activities. This system is designed to interface with RIB / Small Boats in the 7 M range, up to 4,000kg.


The SRMH 1.0 A is manufactured from non magnetic materials and is specifically designed for Minehunter platforms with shock and EMC Testing as standard. This unique davit has a safe working load of 1,000kg and with an all electric constant tension winch, electric slewing and stored power luffing meets SOLAS requirements.

This self containing davit is designed for minimizing the installation impact and can be used for both MOB / Rescue Boat as well as assisting with mine hunting operations.