Military Davits

Single Point Pivot Davits

PIV 3.0 / PIV 4.0

The PIV 3.0 / PIV 4.0 davit is a fully self contained “palletized” system. The safe working load of up to 4,000kg makes it ideal for the operation of RIB’s in the 5.5 to 7.5M range.

The PIV 3.0 / PIV 4.0 reduce the installation impact to either new builds or existing vessels. The davit has integrated power pack / accumulators that are factory installed with the complete electrical system.

Integrated into the davit, the boat stowage device can be configured for most hull forms.

The performance of this davit can be enhanced with all electric / electronic falls tension, shock absorber and anti pendulum RIB docking frame.