Military Davits

Dual Point Pivot Davits


The TWPIV 5.0 B dual point davit is a self contained “palletized” davit system that has a safe working load of 5,000kg. This davit has all electric independent self levelling constant tensioning and an all electric main winch. An integrated hydraulic power pack / accumulator / cylinders provides the luffing, making the davit fully SOLAS approved.

The control console and all electrical / wiring and hydraulic components / hydraulic piping are factory installed on the base frame of the davit system. The base frame of the davit has a bolted interface to the vessel providing a low impact installation and allows the easy removal of the davit for service and upgrades. The pivoting boat cradle is integrated into the davit contributing to a reduction in the installation impact. The davit is equipped with full manual operation for the main winch and luffing operations.

This davit is currently serving as the front line system for the deployment of the US Coast Guard OTH (Over the Horizon) RIB on the WHEC 210, 270 Medium Endurance Cutters and the WHEC 378 High Endurance Cutters as part of a rotatable pool of davit systems.



The TWPIV 5.0 A dual point davit is a modular self contained davit system that is designed for a minimum installation impact and delivering the small boat operational requirements. The Type TWPIV 5.0 A davit has a safe working load of 5,000kg and is SOLAS approved with an all electric main winch and integrated hydraulic power pack with accumulators for the davit luffing. This davit is also configured to operate from a vessels central hydraulic system, if one is available.

Equipped with light weight “mechanical” falls tension arms the Type TWPIV 5.0 A davit allows US Coast Guard to deploy their 23ft “Metalcraft”workboat from both the WLB Coastal and Seagoing Buoy Tenders, this davit is also operational on the USCG Great Lakes.

The davit is supplied with an integrated pivoting boat cradle and manual operation of the davit allowing the small boat to be launched in the dead ship condition from the stowed position.