Commercial Davits

Lifeboat Davits

Type: LTGD

The Low Trackway Gravity LTGD type davit offers a very user friendly davit that can be used with both lifeboats and utility boats.

The single plain trackway provides a low height installation with minimum travel to the lifeboat. The inboard / outboard supports on the davit arms provide stability with no pendulum effect to the lifeboat during the launch and recovery operation.

The Type: LTGD is fully SOLAS compliant and is available in various safe working loads.

Type: OHGD

The Overhead Gravity Trackway OHGD type davit is available in numerous configurations to fit both new build and existing ship structures.

The flexible design allows for the addition of a bowsing system that can be operated by one man. This davit is also available with the Welin Lambie independent constant tension system for operation in severe sea states.

The Type: OHGD is fully SOLAS compliant.