Commercial Davits

Dual Point Range Davits


The TWPIV dual pint davits are available in a range of safe working loads from 3,000 to 9,000kg.

Designed and supplied as modular self contained units the Type: TWPIV is suited for both new construction and for installation into existing vessels. The modular construction allows for containerised transportation and minimal installation impact. The davits are piped and wired in a controlled environment at the factory and the modules have bolting interfaces to ease installation impact.

The davit can be configured for specific applications and small boat hull forms. All TWPIV davits can be supplied to meet the SOLAS requirements and are provided with the system to allow for “Dead Ship” operation.

The TWPIV can be equipped with Welin Lambie electronic independent self levelling falls tension system for increased safety for applications with high duty cycles. Automated launch and recovery sequencing is also available.